Our first year

Our first year

This week we draw a close to the first year of our exciting business, Mosaic Insights. It has been a remarkable year where we have doubled in size while also enacting real positive change for our clients and the community.

Our year started with a Mosaic Lab focused on Green Infrastructure and Urban Cooling featuring leading consultants in water and open space management. The deep dive into urban cooling resulted in some novel insights and ideas including strategic directions. We plan to conduct a Mosaic Lab in Melbourne and Sydney in 2019.

Throughout the year we have been engaged in a range of projects including developing the Metropolitan Open Space Strategy for Melbourne and calculating the Economics of Open Space for DELWP, developing a Greenfield Cemetery Vision and Roadmap and Masterplan Testing for the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust, creating a pilot of climate change scenarios for Melbourne Water, assessing the progress of the H2OK behavioural change program for the ACT government and developing Health and Open Space business cases for the ACT government. One project we are particularly proud of is modelling the cooling effect of green infrastructure and assessing the liveability of the new capital city currently being built in India, Amaravati.

This year our team members travelled all over Australia and the world to speak and participate in key projects and events including the 1st and 2nd International National Park City Forums in London UK and Adelaide, the International Conference on Urban Climate in New York City, the Nursery and Gardening Industry Three Days of Trees event, Weipa Town Authority in Queensland, the International Parks and Leisure/World Urban Parks Congress, and the International RiverSymposium.

Mosaic Insights was instrumental in bringing the National Park City concept, and its founder Daniel Raven-Ellison to Australia. In October, we collaborated with the South Australian Department of Environment and Water to hold the 2nd International National Park City Forum in Adelaide. The event featured talks from the Honourable David Speirs MP, Minister for Environment and Water, Julia Grant the Chief Executive of Green Adelaide and Jeffrey Newchurch, a Kaurna Elder. The National Park City Forum in Adelaide was a very successful day that produced a set of National Park City principles and focused attention on an international movement that is rapidly growing. Mosaic Insights has now developed a roadmap to becoming a National Park City in Australia.  Please get in touch with us if you would like more information.

Finally, our highlight for the year was hosting the Rethinking Melbourne event in our Cremorne office in October. The event was facilitated by Councillor Cathy Oke and featured presentations from Daniel Raven-Ellison of the National Park City Foundation, Jacqui Weatherill the Chief Executive of the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and Toby Kent the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Melbourne. The event was a big success with active audience participation and over 100 international and local attendees from multiple industries. We will be hosting another Rethinking Melbourne event in 2019.

We look forward to continuing our progress in 2019 as a company, at creating healthy, liveable landscapes and from deriving key insights and turning them into tangible impacts.

We will be running our inaugural Rethinking Sydney event in early 2019 featuring the Distinguished Professor Billie Giles-Corti, the Director of the Healthy Liveable Cities Research Group at RMIT’s Centre for Urban Research.