Waverly Public Domain Tree Inventory Dashboard and Tree Canopy Assessment

About This Project

Waverley Council engaged Mosaic Insights and its team from Homewood Consulting, Piano Player Data Analytics, and treeiQ, to complete a tree inventory and mapping project for Council’s public street and park trees.

This project is bringing together traditional tree inventory processes and on-ground data collection (Homewood Consulting) with a strategic canopy data via a machine-learning, ai process (Player Piano Data Analytics) and powerful geospatial visualisation (Mosaic Insights). This will provide Council with an on ground, geo-located, assessment of street and park trees – looking at the attributes of tree health, species mix, age and diversity, and physical conditions and infrastructure integrated with a measure of canopy losses and gains across the public and private domain over the past ten years.

As part of the project, Mosaic Insights developed a Waverley Tree Inventory Dashboard and Canopy Analysis App in ArcGIS Online. The applications are integrated and created substantial additional value from the inventory and canopy datasets, generating new, important insights for Waverley Council tree managers.

Image: Waverley Public Domain Tree Inventory Dashboard – created in ArcGIS Online