Land and Waterways Activation Platform

About This Project

Mosaic Insights were engaged by Melbourne Water in 2020 to deliver amenity and investment mapping. The brief was to develop an Amenity Needs Framework that defined Amenity Need using a collaborative approach with stakeholders from Melbourne Water, DELWP, and local government;  mapped Amenity Need across Greater Melbourne; provided the ability to understand Amenity Need at various spatial scales to inform planning; and created a baseline for subsequent work to understand how activation of land and waterways can address amenity need.

Melbourne Water then re-engaged Mosaic Insights in 2022 to apply the Amenity Needs Framework within an engagement and analysis tool for Melbourne Water internal stakeholders—the Land and Waterways Activation Platform. This platform consists of an interactive StoryMap, complete with case studies, research, and engaging copy.

Embedded within the StoryMap, Mosaic Insights created two web applications. One enabled Melbourne Water staff to assess and analyse the status of activation and amenity need across Melbourne Water owned land and waterways. The other presented activation project successes in an engaging, spatial way.

The platform serves as a “one-stop-shop” for staff to learn about activation, for project managers to prioritise activation and greening investment, and to showcase activation projects to executives.

Image: Land and waterways activation platform assessment and analysis tool for staff – created in ArcGIS WebApp Builder