Greenfield Cemetery Vision and Roadmap

About This Project

The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (GMCT) manages and services a large portfolio of assets but has limited experience with major construction and capital projects. Facing the challenge of developing a 128 Hectare greenfield site in Melbourne’s North West growth corridor into their largest cemetery yet, engaging the board, senior staff and community decision makers to build a comprehensive master plan proved difficult. Although well received, the plan required further work for the board to be confident in delivering the aspirations outlined in the draft master plan.

Mosaic Insights was engaged to facilitate a series of workshops involving the Trust Board, Senior Staff and the Leadership Team to establish a comprehensive Vision for the new cemetery. Using the strengths of the established GMCT vision and values Mosaic Insights assisted with the development of a new vison that translated the aspirations of board. By framing this as a stakeholder engagement challenge, Mosaic Insights aimed to ensure that the outcome was recognised by each group as their own work, and so establish better ownership, while adding key insights and knowledge of industry leading trends.

Mosaic Insights has now delivered the detailed Vision, the criteria for examining and building a potential master plan for that vision and a roadmap for the planning construction and delivery of the project as outlined by the board.