How much does an urban forest really cost?

About This Project

Understanding the true cost of establishing urban trees is critical to the successful creation of healthy urban forests. Despite this, research shows that councils and other landowners do not have access to a reliable, rigorous costing tool, which makes it hard to produce defensible business cases and budgets for tree planting and maintenance. To address this gap, Horticulture Innovation engaged Mosaic Insights to deliver a R&D project and develop a tree budget tool to address this barrier.

The tree budget tool will consider the whole lifecycle cost of establishing urban trees from production, establishment, maintenance and replacement. The tool is currently being developed, and will be based on extensive stakeholder engagement (in Australia and internationally), review of best practice urban tree management and economic modelling.

The tool will complement other R&D projects being undertaken by Horticulture Innovation with the aim of supporting the creation of sustainable urban forests across Australian cities and towns.