A metropolitan open space strategy for Melbourne

About This Project

Melbourne is known as one of the most liveable cities in the world.  Integral to this international reputation is an extensive open space network of parks, gardens, laneways, civic areas, promenades, bays, waterways and trails across the 32 local government areas that make up the greater metropolitan area.

Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and many other state government strategies outline the drivers and holistic changes needed to create liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities. This includes a policy to strengthen the integrated metropolitan open space network.

Mosaic Insights were engaged to advise and assist DELWP in delivering the Metropolitan Open Space Strategy for Greater Melbourne that outlines a strategic framework for how the varied public open space land managers can collectively manage, create, plan, design, use and maintain open space across metropolitan Melbourne.

The strategy will influence the liveability of Melbourne for decades to come, and underpin many millions of dollars in investment in open space.