Yarra Strategic Plan Performance Objectives

About This Project

Mosaic Insights worked alongside Alluvium to develop the Yarra Strategic Plan Performance Objectives.

Acknowledging the context of the Yarra as one of Victoria’s most iconic waterways, and a fundamental contributor to Melbourne’s liveability, this project was vitally important in continuing to build on that.

The Yarra Strategic plan interacts with a variety of strategic objectives and plans including: The Yarra Action Plan, Yarra River Protection Act, State of the Yarra Reporting, and the Healthy Waterways Strategy.

The performance objectives and MERI framework were developed in the following areas:

  • Waterway Health
  • River Parkland Amenity
  • Landscape Amenity
  • Environment, Cultural and Heritage values

This was undertaken in collaboration with the Yarra Strategic Plan project team and in close consultation with other Melbourne Water staff, stakeholders, project governing body, DELWP and the office of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability.