Mosaic Insights is a strategic consultancy with a unique, evidence-based approach to creating healthy social landscapes.

Our societies face significant challenges: population growth, climate change, environmental and resource pressures. The physical and mental health of our communities is declining and inequity is growing.

Mosaic Insights addresses these big issues through a joined up, science-based approach to understanding and delivering social landscapes. We bring insights from disparate disciplines: landscape ecology, urbanism, green infrastructure, health planning and design thinking.

Our insights come from our unparalleled network, experienced staff and collaborative process. We generate ideas that create impact: we drive revolutionary, not incremental, change. We create sustainable, resilient, liveable landscapes that support healthy, productive communities.

Our Team


Neil McCarthy


Dr Dom Blackham

Practice Manager

Fiona Chandler

Strategy and Policy Specialist

Our Approach


We are thought leaders. We provide evidence-based, actionable insights, which help our clients solve complex problems.


We are a creative, imaginative professional services firm. Our culture is built around innovation and we take a different view on the world.


We are in business to create sustainable social change. Our work makes a positive difference to the world we live in.

Our Story

We develop sustainable and resilient social landscapes of the future.

The challenges we face as a society are significant. Population growth, climate change and urbanisation are affecting our natural environment and communities.

Mosaic Insights was created to address these issues and accelerate the transition to the sustainable, resilient social landscapes of the future.