The challenges we face as a society are significant.

Urban populations are growing across the world, our climate is changing, and the pressure on our environment and resources is increasing.

Social connection and cohesion are weakening, inequity is growing, and the physical and mental health of our communities are declining.

A new way of thinking is needed. The shift toward sustainable transport and energy consumption is gaining momentum. Our understanding of the positive influence that urban strategy and design can have on community health and environmental sustainability is increasing.

Mosaic Insights was created to accelerate the transition to the sustainable, resilient social landscapes of the future.

We believe a science-based, landscape-scale approach is needed to drive the next phase of positive social change.

We see a direct relationship between the health of the environment and community wellbeing.

Our approach is founded on evidence. We work across spatial scales, but believe a landscape-scale approach is needed to truly understand the drivers, values and opportunities to create change.

We bring together leading global practitioners in urban planning and design, economics, public health, climate change, landscape ecology, demography, geography, community health, sustainable water management, and social science.

We turn knowledge into action by applying landscape science, social science, economics, and design thinking to create visionary landscape-scale strategies that place community wellbeing at their heart.

Our strategy work is supported by the application of the latest tools and approaches from around the world, such as National Park Cities and the Water Sensitive Cities Index.

We are part of the Alluvium Group

Making a positive difference to the world we live in.

Science, engineering and strategy for catchments, rivers and coasts.

Planning, engineering and economics to deliver water efficiency solutions to the rural sector.

Catchment management science and planning through the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Economics and public policy insights and advice.

Science insights and impact for social landscapes of the future.

Alluvium brings together five organisations who share a common purpose:

Make a positive difference to the world we live in.

We are scientists, planners, engineers, strategists, analysts and economists. We combine these skills to address the complex, systemic, and intractable issues that face our society, environment and economy.

By solving these problems, we transform the way we live and the health and productivity of our catchments, rivers, coasts and cities.

The five industry-leading businesses that form the Alluvium Group are driven by our collective vision and a shared commitment to the highest quality of client service and technical excellence. Our business model is unique and driven by a genuine belief that it serves our clients better.

The strength of our group is embedded in the independent business decision making of our company boards and leadership, and the ability of each entity to focus on delivering exceptional work for our clients. We never compromise on our core values of innovation, focused technical expertise and responsiveness to our clients’ challenges.