Joy Rollin Park: Urban heat modelling

About This Project

Joy Rollin Park in Weipa, QLD is a large but rarely used community park. It is slated for redevelopment to become a ‘living stream’, creating a fun and engaging place for residents and visitors. Mosaic Insights and Alluvium were engaged by the Weipa Town Authority to conduct spatial urban heat modelling of Joy Rollin Park and its current conceptual designs by Josh Byrne and Associates. The urban heat in the park and its surrounds was quantified based on its current layout, the proposed development after 1 year and the living stream in 15 years time. This work will benefit the understanding of cooling effects of the Joy Rollin Park as a living waterway, whilst further improving the understanding of where to place trees based on urban cooling principles. The results have highlighted and informed the design process and help to build the business case for the redevelopment.